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B Kings Arms
We started our day having lunch at the King's Arms
Parade banner
The beginning of the parade
G Post
This is my usual perch. The irony of the sign was lost on me until now.
Cheltenham boy
Bus 2
Float boys 2
Doesn't the Norwich boy look like he needs a cuddle?
Queens Steeler
Chris & Andy
Our friends, Chris and Andy with their mascot
N Above Group 2
Handstand Angel Devil
This is my absolute favourite photo!
India man
Kilt man 2
The first of my Men in Kilts series (See more of him HERE)
Kilt man 3
Yumptious! This is what I'm going to wear next year.
Kilt man
Kilt men
Portsmouth boy
Let's all move to Portsmouth...
Ruby 2
Chris Geary looking a bit weary of photo opportunites...
Ruby boys 2
...but his fresh boys look in fine form.
Ruby Steelers
Uniform Whistle boy

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