We saw the lovely Derren Brown perform his "psychological magic" act live in Salisbury. It was great. He threw an Aerobie into the audience and whoever caught it, he would tell them where they were from, what their name was, and what their telephone number was! Additional tricks involved cards, a ouija board, bells, photos of parrots, and a wry sense of humour. To find out more about Derren Brown, visit his website.
Derren Brown 1
Derren in profile
Derren Brown 2
He graciously signed my program
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B Seance
Later that month, Derren held a televised séance, for which we were encouraged to construct our own Ouija board at home.
Fascinatingly, the spirits we contacted were a bit saucy and irreverent.
The mystical powers of the Ouija board
G Derren
Derren is to appear in London in 2005.