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These two hot Frenchmen were employed by the town of Bazoges-en-Paredes, in the Vendeé area of France, to play the jokers at the town's spectacular medieval festival in July, 2007. When they first grunted their way into view, hoods pulled down over their faces, and muddy fists gripping long wooden poles, I knew my new camera would come in handy!
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The two guys gallumped around making fierce noises for part of the evening.
Vendee t8
They sat at our table, ripping apart bread and slugging wine.
Vendee t9
The dark one seems unhappy about his empty plate.
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Vendee t5 Vendee t7
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I couldn't resist an under-the-table shot, just to see what was under the burlap sacks.
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Hunks g.jpg
They were playing with the stocks later in the evening. Hmm. I like their short hair.
The blond one, cutely, wore glasses intermittently throughout the evening.

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