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4 Bazoges
We had this ancient stone farmhouse all to ourselves, courtesy of our friends, Neil and Gordon
3 Bazoges.jpg
The town's14th century donjon
3 Bat
We saw bats and shooting stars each night from our garden.
5 Bazoges cows.jpg
Neighbouring cows grazed just a few feet from our doorstep.
6 Owl.jpg
We saw an owl one night on the way home!
3 a N Tyre
Unfortunately, Nick got a flat tyre the day after we arrived in Bazoges.
3 Chantonay Tyre Boy 2.jpg
The bright side of this situation was the mechanics in Chantonay
3 Chantonay Tyre Boy.jpg
4 brioche.jpg
A Vendéen specialty is buttery brioche...
6 Breakfast.jpg
...which we made French toast with for breakfast.
7 Bazoges N.jpg
Reading over breakfast
7 Bazoges N 2.jpg
Nick gathered seeds from plants he liked.
7 Bazoges 2.jpg
Outside the donjon
7 Prehistory 2.jpg
Ciste des Cous is a prehistoric burial chamber dating from 3000 B.C.
7 Prehistory.jpg
I can never resist a caveman moment
7 Reader.jpg
This man was reading near the Lay river
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