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B Stockings 4
Opening our stockings on Christmas morn. Here, I have an Inspector Gadget DVD (Rupert Everett interest).
B Stockings 3
I inspect my Reece's cups with a small telescope and Nick holds something dark and shadowy.
N Penguins
Nick's penguin jacks waddle across the bed.
G Malkovich
I read my 3-D dinosaur book while resembling John Malkovich.
N Kitchen
Nick prepares homemade donuts for breakfast.
Homer RS Mmm....donuts.
B Tree
Past Three O' Clock: Near our giant Christmas tree

Our Elvis ornament (North Carolina) and red garland (Amsterdam)
Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner - roast pork with crackling, Brussels sprouts, homemade cranberry sauce, and stuffing
Simon, our butcher, was voted Friendliest in the South. His sausages are gold medal winners.

Our conservatory, candlelit for Christmas dinner. (Robbie Williams in the background).
Our Christmas tree.
I baked dozens of gingerbread bears for the holidays.
G Gifts
With some of my gifts
B Party
Prior to our Christmas cake party on the 28th.
Cake 3
This year's Christmas cake.
Steve cake
A birthday cake made for a friend. I sell these cakes for a reasonable price!
Kate cake
Another Christmas cake for satisfied customer

New Years
We spent New Year's Eve with Neil and Gordon, first at our local pub, then at our house for champagne and cake.
1:00 a.m. - Gordon showing his allegiance to the Soviet army
G & Neil
The next day, we had a lovely evening with Neil...
N Olives
...Katherine, (Nick), and Gordon.
Our front door wreath
Mince pies
I made and sold 13 dozen mince pies. Nick helped!
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