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I Castle.jpg
The second day, we climbed to the top of Arthurs Seat to admire the view.
I Arthurs seat
Nick phoned his mother from the pinnacle.

I G Arthur 2.jpg I N Arthur.jpg
Ia Both.jpg
There is a ruined chapel on the hillside.
Ib N.jpg
J Greyfriars 2.jpg
Later, we went to Greyfriars in search of Greyfriars Bobby
J Greyfriars 3.jpg
J Greyfriars 4.jpg
The dog's tombstone was rather more prominent than his owner's.
J Greyfriars.jpg
On the pub.
J Puffin.jpg
We bought a stained glass puffin in this shop.
The puffin, back home
K Hat.jpg
And I tried on this cool Riddler's hat. (Nick bought me the more subtle black hat in the photo below)
I will look for the suit and gloves next...

K Doctor Who.jpg
There were lots of Police boxes in Edinburgh, which reminded us of Doctor Who's "Tardis".
Doctor Who.jpg
The lovely Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who

Ka trumpets.jpg
Colourful trumpets in a Grassmarket shop
Kb Kiltie.jpg
And a dreadlocked kiltie in Waterstones
Kc limo.jpg
Our wedding transportation problems could well be solved.
Kd Kiltie.jpg
Another kilted man
L Blue Moon.jpg
We ate at the Blue Moon, which is right next to Demon Barber, a funny coincidence since I was currently rehearsing Sweeney Todd.
La Blue Moon.jpg
One of the cute servers at Blue Moon
Playguy Aa Ellen degeneres.jpg
At a local "specialist" shop, we couldn't help help but notice the similarities between the Playguy twins and talk show host Ellen Degeneres.
L Night.jpg
We finished the night by watching the multitude of fireworks atop Carlton Hill. It was Bonfire Night, so there were plenty to see. Sadly, it was on top of this hill that I discovered that I had lost my beloved tripod, which has allowed us to take so many good self-timer shots. I thought I'd left it in a bar, but we went back there and they hadn't found it. Nick suggested we return to the hill the next day just to see if we could find it. Amazingly enough, when we arrived, there it lay, in a puddle, surrounded by spent fireworks. This was the second miraculous recovery of the tripod, the other time was when I dropped it in the Stumphouse Tunnel in South Carolina.


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