George's father made his first ever overseas visit in August, 2007, when he came to see us in England. Here are some of the photos from the two-week, action packed visit.
a Romsey
Dad enjoyed seeing really old things, like this graveyard.
b dessert
The first of many homemade desserts we had, including blueberries we grew ourselves.
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Dad d4
The grave of Alice (in Wonderland) Liddell Hargreaves
c cathedral
Here we are at Salisbury Cathedral
d forest
We took Dad to our favourite mushroom hunting spot in the New Forest. He was most impressed by British fences.
Dad d2
Knightwood Oak, the largest tree in the New Forest, over 400 years old
The Perseids meteor shower coincided with this visit. Nick and I returned to the forest to lie on our new National Trust blanket and watch the show in the night sky above us.
Dad e2
Dad's favourite activity was buying stuff at the boot sale and selling it on Ebay back home. We had fun watching the bids accumulate over the week
Dad d5
A stained glass window designed by Rossetti
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Dad e3
On a search for strawberries, we ended up at the beach.
Dessert G
Sailboats with the Isle of Wight in the background
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Dad f
A mysterious old tree in Windsor Great Park
Dad f3
Windsor Castle in the background
Dad f4
A photo of the school boys at Eton, in their end of term waistcoats. I like the Superman one in the middle!
Icon hat Dad g1
A well lit angel in one of the many cathedrals
Dad g2
Outside Winchester's water mill
Dad g4
Dad befriended every angler he found.
Dad h
The ancient medieval walls of our own hometown

Dad h3
An art installation in the medieval vault. You wrote your dream on a piece of paper, then tried to land it in the cauldron to get your wish. I missed.
Dad i3
Walking beside the Tower of London
Icon Marmite2 Dad i4
A beefeater poses with an unknown tourist
Dad i5
Nick's mother was caught up in the flooding. We were impressed by the timing of this girl's shirt.
Dad i6
One of Anthony Gormley's 31 life sized statues that make up his Event Horizon series in London
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Dad i9a
Having drinks in a Portobello Road pub
Dad i9bb
As you can see, Bill Clinton woz 'ere.
Dad i9g
One of Klaus Weber's wonderful sculpture group, called The Big Giving, at the South Bank Centre. Sadly, this exhibit is only temporary.
Dad i9c
We had a wonderful view of Portobello Road from the terrace of a below average Thai restaurant. From our perch, we witnessed the human drama pictured below.
Dad i9d
Someone had left a hardback book on a pillar outside this shop. We watched several people come buy and look at the book, wondering if anyone would actually take it. This man spend a long time deliberating, while his wife waited, then looked around to see if anyone was watching (we were) and put the book into his baby buggy. When I got home and looked at the photo, I discovered that the book was England Without Richard, by John T. Appleby, which was listed for over $30 on an antique book site.
Dad j
A cute way of advertising
Dad j2
We found a riverside pub on Dad's quest for trout.
Dad k3
Dad at Nick's mother's birthday barbecue
Dad k6
Nick, on the same day
Dad l2
Forget cathedrals, Stonehenge, and classic artwork, my father's favourite sight was the trout in the clear waters of the Test River.
Dad l4
At a Mottisfont Abbey, a National Trust property
Dad l6
The English countryside
Dad l7
Outside the Abbey
Pillar boxes
English pillarboxes from different eras
Dad e6
I had waited months to make pancakes with our own blueberries, which we had one weekend morning
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