Wreath{short description of image}Wreath

Nick was given an advent calendar on December 1st with 25 gifts to unwrap each day until Christmas.
 We bought real Scottish kilts to wear at the upcoming Burns' Night celebrations but couldn't wait till then to wear them. Och!
 Speaking of traditions, Nick always gets a sugar mouse in his stocking. NMouseRS  
 GStockingRS  I got a stocking too - full of Reece's cups, a Slinky, a comic book, Hershey's kisses, and other American treats.
 Flying bear   NBrandy
Nick prepared hot chocolate with brandy for our walk on the beach.
Breakfast was Eggs Benedict, organic smoked bacon, cranberry muffins, and freshly squeezed orange juice.
On the beach in Bournemouth
On the Bournemouth pier 
Hot chocolate on a cold frosty morning
Guess where my cuddly argyle scarf came from...
Nick's mystery gift was an autograph from Maggie Smith.
A new slant on the traditional Christmas cake. I almost made Delia Smith's poinsettia, but decided it was too mundane, so...
This photo was taken on December 27th at 6.20 in the morning at the Next sale. We each bought shirts, ties, cufflinks, and accessories for half their usual price.
Most of Nick's friends are named Dave. Here's two of them now.
My Friends are not all called Dave. This one's named Keri, and she's a lot of fun. (The photos are Rupert Everett and Will Mellor).
   Flying bear

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