We spent our most relaxing Christmas ever by returning to our friend's farmhouse in the Vendeé area of France. Our days were spent relaxing in front of the fire, roasting chestnuts, reading books, playing games, decorating the tree, and preparing good food.
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Christmas c
The farmland near the house
Christmas d
A display in the local Hyper U supermarket
Christmas e
A cute man buys fruits.
Christmas f
Our newest ornament
Christmas g
Other tree ornaments
Christmas h
Nick does some last minute wrapping.
Christmas i
We attended a concert of Renaissance music in Fontenay-le-Comte
Christmas j
This percussionist was a special guest on the evening.
Christmas k
A duck seller at the Fontenay market
Christmas ka
Père Noël visits the Fontenay market.
Christmas l
Also seen at the Fontenay market
Christmas m
George strokes the neighbour's cat.
Christmas la
The river at Vouvent was almost frozen over.
Vendee q3
That same river in summer. Click HERE to see our summer trip.
Christmas n
A squirrel in the garden
Christmas o
Full moon over Mouilleron
Christmas oa
The double heart and crown motif that is symbolic of the Vendeé
Christmas p
The largest standing stone in France can be found at Avrillé.
Christmas q
A beachside windmill
Christmas t
Nick avoids the waves.
Christmas u
Nick beside a prehistoric burial place.
Christmas v
Atop the Dolmen de la Frébouchère
Christmas flintstone
What better time for a Flintstones moment?
Christmas w
George didn't have time to get into his costume.
Christmas x
Two of the windmills in Mouilleron
Christmas y
A weird tree in the forest
Christmas z
Our Christmas dinner: Delia Smith's Crisp Roast Duck with Confit of Sour Cherries
Christmas zb
This beautiful manor is now a creperie, believe it or not.
Christmas zc
Little devils in a mechanical arm game machine in Fontenay
Christmas zd
We took pastries to the beach and watched the sun set.
Christmas ze Christmas zf
Christmas zg
Windswept beach
Christmas zh
This fat bird waddled into the field next to the farm house.
Christmas zi
Our evenings were spent playing games such as Scrabble.
Christmas zj
We had to taste oysters to satisfy our Been-Go cards.
Christmas zk
Nick flying his remote control pterosaur
Christmas zl
Our Christmas tree sat in the window to greet the two neighbours.
Christmas zm
One of France's many splendid chateaux
Christmas zn
One of France's many splendid men
Christmas zo
George in La Rochelle
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