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G Tree

The Tree
In the lead-up to Christmas, we watched my childhood favorite: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Stop animation and everything, it's still a winner.
Santa laid out Nick's (rather camp) stocking. It contained all sorts of goodies, a homemade crossword puzzle, a CD, cufflinks, and this cuddly bath bear.
N Crossword
Nick's puzzle has clues relating to our holidays and adventures.
B Stockings
Opening stockings is always so much fun!
Ball Bear
Enamel ball bought in Charleston, kilted bear made by me
Bear Ball
Bear in overalls, London bauble, wooden bear (London)
N Kite
One of Nick's gifts was this kite, which we flew on Bournemouth beach on Christmas morning.
B Beach 2
On Bournemouth beach
G Beach
It was easy to control the kite with 2 strings
N Kite 3
Even on a grey day, a kite can be fun.
N Kite 4
Sand Bear
My Sand Bear
Glittery Recency bear (Freiburg), Robbie Williams dough art wing
Dutch china bauble (centre), Elvis next to it
B hot chocolate
We drank hot chocolate.
G Sofa
G Video
G mulled wine
Mulled wine
Elvis (North Carolina)
Small glass house (don't throw stones), Freiburg
N Iron
Another of Nick's gifts was this ironing board cover.
N Iron 2
When you iron over his towel, it disappears!
Dough art hunk in briefs, briefs with bow
Jack-in-the-box Santa (London)
Breakfast on Boxing Day
Swimmer in Speedos (North Carolina)
Not like all the other boys...
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