In November, 2005, I played Judge Turpin in an excellent production of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd, staged by the Basingstoke Amateur Theatrical Society . As you can see from the photos below - that finally arrived seven months after the show - the quality of the production was something we could all be proud of.
Sweeney Todd 003.jpg
Sweeney Todd rises from the grave
Sweeney Todd 010.jpg
Mrs. Lovett makes a "tasty" pie
Did you recognise me as Judge Turpin?
Sweeney puppet.jpg
I caricatured the whole cast
Sweeney Todd 006.jpg
"Taste this; you'll need it."
Sweeney Todd 017.jpg
Anthony, the sailor
Sweeney Todd 026.jpg
Pirelli pulls a tooth.
Sweeney Todd 036.jpg
Me as the Judge.
Loony 2.jpgSweeney Todd 035.jpg
Todd sings to his razor.
Sweeney Todd 041.jpg
A Little Priest
Sweeney Todd 045.jpg
Tobias and the cast sing Hot Pies
Sweeney Todd 049.jpg
Mrs. Lovett sings By the Sea
Sweeney Todd 018.jpgSweeney Todd 051
Sweeney Todd 029.jpgSweeney Todd 048.jpg
Don't even ask about my costume here... Johanna, meanwhile, has been imprisoned by the evil old Judge
Sweeney Todd 030.jpgsweeney Todd 054
Sweeney Todd 057
The escaped lunatics
Sweeney Todd 059
Getting my throat cut each night was scary
Sweeney Todd 060
...and going down the chute was horrifying!
Sweeney Todd 065
Tobias sings while I lie dead behind him
Sweeney Todd 013.jpg
Johanna sings to the Birdseller
Sweeney Todd 069
The lovely Tobias in his straightjacket. What fun!
Sweeney Todd 076
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