We visited George's father in February, 2010. It turned out to be a wonderful time of year to experience iciles, frozen lakes, and Mexican food.
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The town is an old German settlement. Above is a Lutheran church, an mobile prison car, and what looks like a snow-seal on a pickup truck.
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George with Sam, the dog; a sweetgum seed pod, and an old advertisement outside a Mesican grocery store
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Making key lime pie with real key limes, our homemade pizza, and Nick taking Sam for a walk in Greenville
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Oconee Station, formerly a military compound and later a trading post. We walked for hours looking for this waterfall.
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At the Pickens flea market, we were entertained by this washtub bass player, "Redneck windchimes", carved sculptures, and boiled peanuts.
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Downtown Seneca. They were taking photos for the town's new brochure. The main shopping street is called Ram Cat Alley.
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An afternoon in Clemson.
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A Clemson tree, Nick outside the house, and an old water shed
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On the farm
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We had a lovely day in Highlands, North Carolina. Most of the stores were shut for the winter, but there was still plenty to see.
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The area near Highlands is known for it's splendid waterfalls, even more majestic when frozen
February Walhall ma   February Walhall mf
February Walhalla mc
George's father chomps an icicle.
February Walhall mb
February Walhall md February Walhalla mf
To get a sense of scale, look at the fence, right.
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George with father and brother, and Nick, below.
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At the Carolina Smokehouse in Cashiers, we tried fried pickles, another culinary first. The mountain view is from Walhalla, South Carolina.
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Scenes from the Oconee Heritage Center. The photo on the right is of a 200 year old canoe found in the local river.
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Photos in the local park
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We were there on Valentine's Day.
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