When asked yesterday "What is your favourite season?" I immediately answered spring. Days getting lighter, weather warmer, food tastier, university men less clothed.
Collage March a
A visit to Hinton Ampner, a National Trust property. The colourful beets were prepared at home and fuscias were the first flowers Nick ever presented to George, 14 years ago.
Collage March Common Page 1
Collage March Common Page 2
The first of a long season of shirtless men on the Common. Also, some fun graffiti in a tunnel along the way.
Collage London a
An impulse visit to London for the chocolate festival led to a trip to Borough Market (cheese seller above). Also pictured is artwork by Congo the chimp, on show at our local gallery, and Robbie Williams, who posted that photo on his blog in response to journalists who recently called him "fat".
Collage London b
The most pleasant surprise on our London visit was seeing this production of Stephen Sondheim's Assassinsat the Pleasance Theatre. Very enjoyable version of a great show and what a body Johnjo Flynn (Lee Harvey Oswald) has!
Collage April a
We spent a week preparing for our Saturday meal, painting parts of the house, buying new table linens, and brining the meat for Robert Thompson's pork belly recipe.
Collage April b
After our guests left, we made Thomasina Miers' churros recipe, using leftover Cadbury's Easter chocolate
Collage April c
We waked into town to discover Titanic memorial services and celebrations in many of our town's venues.
Collage April d
An Easter visit to the Midlands, including a trip to Katherine Swift's 20 year labour of love, her garden written about in the book Nick was reading. He got a signed copy of her new book and we had homemade shortbread biscuits and tea in her eccentric kitchen.
Collage April d2
Nick liked the idea of garden poles reminiscent of those we saw in Venice.
Collage April f
We stayed in the Rectory Hotel for two nights, eating in their restaurant and making excursions during the daytime.
Collage April d3
Collage April d4
We saw the Royal Shakespeare Company's latest version of The Tempest, which was great. We sat right next to the stage, close enough to see the actors' seams.
 Collage April e
Our local theatre brings many wonderful productions to our doorstep, including the electrifying At Swim, Two Boys. Wet boys in kilts? What's not to like?
Collage April London
Collage April London 2
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