We visited TV chef and food campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's beautiful River Cottage in Dorset, just after school broke up for summer. Our tour included demonstrations in jam making and mushroom identification, as well as a look around the farm. Like Riverford, River Cottage is another excellent example of ethically produced (and delicious) food which inspires us to cook and eat well.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
h River Cottage
River Cottage
.a Approach to River Cottage
The approach to River Cottage
b G River Cottage
c River Cottage Pam
We learned to make gooseberry curd and raspberry jam from Pam Corbin, author of Preserves.
d River Cottage Mushroom Man
John Wright, dubious mushroom expert, seemed to do his best to dissuade the public from hunting mushrooms.
e River Cottage
The River Cottage garden
f River Cottage Artichoke
g River Cottage view
i Lyme Regis Nick
Nick, in Lyme Regis, near our campsite
j Lyme Regis tree
A weird tree on the footpath
l Lyme Regis Surfer boy
A cute surfer in Lyme Regis Bay
k Lyme Regis surfer boy
n Lyme Regis Nick
On the Cobb
o Lyme Regis G
Click HERE to see another recent trip to Lyme Regis and HERE to one from our past.
p Lyme Regis rescue
We think this was a practice rescue mission.
q Lyme Regis Breakfast
Breakfast at The Town Mill Bakery is not to be missed.
r Lyme Regis breakfast
Visit the Town Mill Bakery's website for inspiration and recipes.
s Lyme Regis Nick
Nick loads his plate (board) with goodies for breakfast.

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