People sometimes ask us, "Do you eat like this every day?" We thought it would be fun to keep a diary of our meals, a bit like Nigel Slater did in his The Kitchen Diaries.
2017 a
Grilled fennel, new potatoes, tomatoes, and feta with apricot chilli martini
2017 b
Fresh cherry bakewell tarts

2017 c
Apricot, celery, pecan, and feta salad

2013 b
Porcini and sausage bruschetta
2013 c
Cheese and nut loaf with wild mushroom sauce and sauteed sweetcorn with tarragon and ouzo
2013 d
A knock-off recipe of Cinnabon's famous cinnamon rolls
2013 f
Nick's homegrown tomatoes pre-roasting
2013 i
Jamie Oliver's chicken pie recipe from his new Save With Jamie book
2012 Sept 29
Cauliflower mushroom tempura with rosehip chilli sauce - Sept 29, 2012
2012 April a
Casserole with sausage, egg, cheese, and cornbread
2012 April b
Roast duck with cherry sauce, PSB, and squash puree with ginger
2012 April c
Asparagus and wild garlic soup with cornbread

August 2c
Lavender shortbread and berries from the garden
2012 Thomasina pork 2
Thomasina Miers' pork carnitas

April n
April 2009 - Quiche with chard
April k
April 2009 - Mexican burger night (with Backpacker game)
July 22
July 22 - This lunch was perfect.
2009 April 5 Lunch
April 5 - Pumpkin soup, Homer sandwich, cauliflower cheese
July 23
July 23 - Roast peppers with goat cheese, feta, and mint
2009 April 4 Dinner
April 4 - Same meal, more carbohydrate

July 24b
A barbecue for two!

April c
April 2009 - Asparagus and cous cous?
April d2
April 2009 - With cauliflower soup and truffle oil
2013 a
Apple cupcake with butterscotch cream cheese icing and candied lemon verbena leaf
 2013 e
Blackberry pie with sugared lamb decorations
 2013 g
Brioche hamburger buns
 2013 h
Cherry waffles, duck egg, porcini, and bacon
August 2b
We found these porcini in the forest on August 2nd
August 2
They made a lovely pasta meal.
July 30
Steak, my first homemade fries, and homemade ketchup, July 30
26 July
Sausage and broccoli pasta, garlic ciabatta, melon, and proscuitto.
April a
April 2009 - Homemade pizza and salad
April b
Pork with cider - better than it looks!
April e
Lovely cocktails
April f
April 2009 - Homemade focaccia, asparagus, and oven fries
April g
April 2009 - Blueberry pancake breakfast
April h
April 2009 - Lamb, leeks, and lamb jus
April i
April 2009 - An Easter cupcake with spun sugar (Nick)
April j
April 2009 - "Leftover" chocolate truffles and candied pineapple
April m
April 2009 - Homemade spinach pizza
April l
April 2009 - Soup and sandwich lunch
April o
April 2009 - Our own satay
April p
April 2009 - Ham and eggs breakfast
April q
April 2009 - Homemade ravioli
July meal small.jpg
July 2010 - Organic mozzarella salad
2009 April 7 Lunch
April 7 - BLTs with homemade garlic mayonnaise
2009 April 7 Dinner
April 7 - Prawns were on mark down at Waitrose
2009 April 7 dessert
April 7 - 11 - Chocolate brownies with caramel and peanut butter
2009 April 6 Dinner
April 6th - Nigel Slater's spicy sausage pasta with basil
2009 April 4 Dinner b
April 4 - Antipasti from Carluccio's in Brighton
2009 April 4 lunch
April 4 - Brunch at Bill's in Brighton

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