B Tent
We spent a lovely weekend camping in Lyme Regis
 B Cobb
On the Cobb
G as Meryl
Me doing my Meryl Streep impersonation
From The French Lieutenant's Woman
G Cobb Lyme Regis
Cute German
A German guy on the Cobb
G Sea
An American guy in the water
Lyme Regis 2 N Lyme Regis
N Sea
Nick in the sea
Onion cycle
The onion seller pedals his wares
N Cafe Sol

N Hardy
Outside Thomas Hardy's House
B Hardy House
Thomas Hardy's house
Hardy Dog
Thomas Hardy's dog's house
Rainbow House
Our house visited by a huge double rainbow. Just for us boyz.
This etching was in a Lyme Regis shop front. I want to steal the idea for a musical set some day.

Click HERE to see some past photos of Lyme Regis, plus the "hand job" shot.

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