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We hosted an evening of wine, cheese, and desserts at our house in honour of Burns' Night. We were served by Craig, an efficient, friendly, and easy-on-the-eye employee of London based Butlers in the Buff. Guests were asked to wear tartan; Craig was asked to wear less. Below are the photos.
a Nick and Angus
Nick with Angus, the founder of the group
d Shock
Guests acting startled as they are greeted by Craig, the naked butler.
b trio
Craig arrived early, so we took some clothed shots.
Relaxing on the sofa while Craig changes
z Craig.jpg
Resplendant in collar, cuffs, and very short apron.
zc Craig.jpg
Craig works for Butlers in the Buff.
e Gordon
Just a normal conversation. Honest.
f Neil.jpg
All the guests were aksed to wear tartan.
h George.jpg
i George.jpg
m Craig cake.jpg
Craig cuts Nick's birthday cake. Recipe HERE.
j Naked waiter.jpg
We had wine and cheese in our conservatory, newly white.
k Gordon.jpg
Gordon before the wine spillage.
o Gordon.jpg
Gordon after the wine spillage
l Nick.jpg
N Jeremy.jpg
zi Neil & Nick.jpg
p Craig.jpg
We tried not to appear too distracted.
q Gordon.jpg
Gordon doing his boxer imitation.
r Gordon.jpg
s Trio.jpg
t Nick.jpg

u Nipples.jpg
This was the moment when Craig said, "I usually rub some on my nipples."
v N&G.jpg w Gordon.jpg
x Gordon & Neil.jpg y Gordon & Neil.jpg
ze Apron.jpg za T & L.jpg
zf Angus.jpg
We were encouraged to take lots of photos.
zb C & L.jpg
As if I need encouragement!
zg Craig.jpg
Gordon's jeans got washed and dried.
zh Jeremy.jpg
Considering a new career...
zj All.jpg
The whole group.
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