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We usually take photos of nice looking guys on our travels. Our 2006 summer holiday to France provided more than usual photographic material. Click HERE to read a bit about my reason and method of taking these photos.
Cute a ferry
Seen on the ferry
Cute a McFly.jpg
Okay, this is cheating, but we giggled when we saw these naked photos of McFly in a magazine on the ferry.
Cute a McFly3.jpg
McFly promised to strip naked at a G-A-Y concert if their current single made it to Number 1 in the charts. It did.
Cute Aix 2.jpg
A cute policeman in France.
Cute Aix 3.jpg
We suspected that young men do community service such as marshalling the Aix market day instead of joining the forces.
Cute Aix 4.jpg
A body just like mine...
Cute Aix 5.jpg
Cute dad in Aix
Cute Aix 6.jpg
Another community service man
Cute Aix 7.jpg
He was posing for his girlfriend
Cute Aix 8.jpg
So good I shot him twice
Cute Aix men.jpg
At a bar in Aix
Cute c bottom.jpg
Walking past in Lyon
Cute c drink.jpg
At a café in Lyon
Cute c skateboard.jpg
A skateboarder in Dijon
Cute Cannes 2.jpg
Cannes was full of scenes like this
Cute Cannes 3.jpg
More Cannes totty
Cute Cannes 4.jpg
...and more...
Cute Cannes 5.jpg
Cute Cannes 6.jpg Cute cannes 7.jpg
Cute Cannes 8.jpg Cute Cannes 9.jpg
Nick 6.jpg
Nick 8.jpg
A toll both attendant
Cute Cannes train.jpg
Waiting at the Cannes train station
Cute d couple.jpg
A couple in Dijon
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