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Our search for naturists led us to...
Luçon, l'Aiguillon-sur-Mer, and la Faute-sur-Mer
O Window.jpg
A cathedral window in Luçon.
O Pump.jpg
No idea what it is, but it's picturesque.
O Cute.jpg
A yummy selection
O Blue Head.jpg
This blue head was on a gatepost in l'Aiguillon-su-Mer

At last, we reach the seaside!
O B Beach.jpg O G Jelly.jpg
Lots of jellyfish had washed up on shore.
O Beach Man.jpg O Beach Boy.jpg
O Fisherman.jpg O G Beach.jpg
O B Naked.jpg
It was a naturist beach, after all...
O Swiss.jpg
We met this nice Swiss man in the dunes.
O N Washing.jpg
Nick washing his hands
O Sunset.jpg
Sunset over the beach
O Sunset 2.jpg
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