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France has beautiful beaches on its Atlantic coast, and we spent a lovely day in La Rochelle and the surrounding area.
La Rochelle
6 La Rochelle B.jpg
On the seafront
6 La Rochelle Cute Man 3.jpg
The cute thing is, look in his sandal!
6 La Rochelle Cute Man.jpg
A boy being drawn by a street artist. Charity wrist bands were on Nick's bingo card.
6 La Rochelle Man.jpg
Nick shops in the background.
6 La Rochelle Galette.jpg
We had buckwheat galettes for lunch, with bacon, honey, and walnuts.
6 La Rochelle Cute Man 2.jpg
This man sat beside us. I wondered how old he was because of the wrinkles around his eyes, but he later told us that he was 26 and had studied English in Exeter.
6 La Rochelle Cute Men.jpg
Just before leaving the restaurant, I walked in on a young chef who was changing our of his trousers. I tried to get a photo of him later on the street, but these two got in the way.
6 La Rochelle Cute Man 4.jpg
A man walking his dog in La Rochelle
After we left La Rochelle, we paid a lot of money to go across a bridge onto the peninsula that juts out into the ocean. We raced against time to reach the end to watch the sunset over the Phare des Baleines.
6 Beach B 2.jpg
We took a lot of portrait photos on the beach as the sun was setting.
6 Beach G.jpg
Lots of kites in the background
6 Beach Sand.jpg
I collected sand to use in a shadow box frame for our miniature lead bathers we bought last year in Paris.
T bathers 2.jpg
This is how I've displayed them back home.
Paris bathers 2.jpg
These are the bathers.
T Bathers 1.jpg
The miniature sand castle is quite fragile!
6 Beach Cute Man 1.jpg
This man seemed to struggle with his wetsuit...
6 Beach Cute Man 2.jpg
...and isn't the light lovely?
6 Beach G 2.jpg
Tired of the same old "picture face" I tried something different.
6 Beach N.jpg
6 Beach B.jpg 6 Beach Lighthouse.jpg

The best bit of our day didn't get photographed. Tired and hungry after a long drive, we stopped in a small town and bought a pizza which we ate on the beach by moonlight. It was such an unexpected, spectacular surprise, and one which I will always remember.
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