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We set out early in the morning to go to the street market in Fontenay-le-Comte, intending to return to Bazoges soon afterwards to eat breakfast. We ended up staying out the whole day, driving to Niort and "Green Venice".
5 Font N Market.jpg
The market, where we bought garlic and other vegetables
5 Font man.jpg
He looks like a pole dancer, but was in reality setting up his stall.
5 Font seller.jpg
The man who sold us apricots
Just down the road from Fontenay was the bustling city of Niort, whose market was far superior in our opinion. If we were seafood lovers, which we are not, we would have been spoiled for choice in the covered market. Instead, we made do with Chinese spring rolls, cheese, and the locally produced torteau de fromage.
5 Niort Castle.jpg
The vast keep was built by English kings Henry IIand Richard I
5 Torteau.jpg
Torteau de fromage, according to our guide book is a "zingy black-domed cheesecake made from goat's cheese...tasting rather better than it looks."
5 Niort Boy 2.jpg 5 Niort Cheeses.jpg
5 Niort G Artichokes.jpg
These artichokes were HUGE.
5 Niort Newspaper.jpg
We thought the ad on the back of this paper was funny.
5 Niort Renaissance.jpg
Renaissance musicans paraded through the market advertising something or other.
5 Niort Seller.jpg
A fruit seller
5 Niort Tomatoes.jpg
Interesting colours and shapes. The small green things are baby gherkins.
5 Niort N Dragon.jpg
The long dragon sculpture borders the main road
5 Niort Wedding.jpg
A bride and groom once featured on Nick's bingo card, but not this time.
5 Niort Same 2.jpg
These two men seem to be dressed identically...
5 Niort Same.jpg
5 Niort G Angelique.jpg
I bought the specialty of the region: angelica.
5 Niort N Venice.jpg
The poles signalled our next stop, Green Venice.
5 Coulon.jpg
Coulon is the capital of the "Green Venice" area
5 Niort Blackberries.jpg
We picked blackberries for a pie later.
5 Coulon B Beers
Enjoying beers by the canal
5 Coulon Rower.jpg
This man paddled by as we were drinking
5 Coulon Boy 3.jpg
The boat guides took a break during France's two-hour lunch time.
5 Coulon Boy.jpg
5 Coulon Boys.jpg
Guides or tourists?
5 Coulon G Sunflowers.jpg
Sunflowers in the town square
.5 Coulon Bottle.jpg
There's a naked man blown inside this bottle!
5 Coulon Shopper.jpg
A happy customer
5 Coulon Statue.jpg
Statues like these dotted the edge of the canal.
5 Coulon Swans.jpg
A row of swans
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