Banner 2

Angers, the Loire Valley, and Nantes
2 Camping
My shocked look is because Nick's still in his underwear
2 k B Hulks
"Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry" - Bruce Banner
2 Carvings
Intricate wood carvings
2 d N church
Nick in the cathedral
2 e church
Angers cathedral
2 f G Angers
Outside the castle keep
2 g Angers
The lovely gardens
2 g N Angers
Oh, is there a cute ticket taker in the background? I hadn't noticed.
2 h N Angers Tapestries
The world's longest tapestry series depicting Armageddon
2 i N echo
There was an echo in this spot atop the keep.
2 j B Angers
Sunlight inside the keep
2 c Sebastian
We seek out St. Sebastien in church windows.
2 l Angers 2
A lovely house
2 m N Loire
Nick beside the River Loire
2 n N Grapes
We bought some lovely wine from Vins Renou during our Loire drive.
2 o G Nantes
With a bear in Nantes
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