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Many times, people write to us saying how lucky we are in the things that we are able to do, and this November weekend was a perfect example. We were invited to stay on our friend's longboat and sail up the canal, mooring overnight and sharing wonderful vegetarian meals. The autumn weather was perfect for socialising and taking the photographs you see below.

g G&N
Ready to embark
h D&G
The boat belongs to Dave and Gillie.
b Canal
Beautiful reflections on the canal
a boat
Gillie navigates the boat.
c George boat
George gest a chance to steer.
d gnarled tree
A gnarled tree in reflection
e clouds
The cloudy sky over the marina
j frog.jpg
A brass frog sits on the tiller.
q G.jpg
Leaning on an autumnal fence
f watering can
A decorative can with the name of the boat, Vox Stella
I Nick no pants.jpg
Nick at the lock, with no pants?
p balls.jpg
These brass balls reflect light into the boat.
k Willow
It was recently our ninth (willow) anniversary.
l reflections.jpg
Another view of the canal
m Nice Nick.jpg
Nick's chance to steer
n G sunlight.jpg
Milan light
zc kayak.jpg
A kayaker
x reflections.jpg
A building in reflection
s Ring.jpg
Nick shows his wedding ring.
t Nick.jpg
At the front of the boat
r Nick.jpg
u G.jpg
v reflections.jpg w tree.jpg
y Local lad.jpg
A local man opens wide
z Local lad.jpg
zb Heron.jpg
A heron takes flight.
zd Nick.jpg
Nick opens the lock.
ze Nick.jpg
Nick, after lemon cake
zf both
George & Nick at the lock

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