April 2004

Who is Alan?
Alan is a friend of mine from Texas whom I've known since university days. We used to sit next to each other in symphonic band and orchestra and make up nonsense words to Bernstein's Kaddish symphony: "Fajitas for Mama, fajitas for Papa," that kind of thing. Coincidentally, we both moved to New York around the same time and then later both of us emigrated to Germany. Now, Alan lives in Los Angeles, where he probably wears sunglasses to breakfast, and I live here in England, but that doesn't stop us from seeing each other once in a while.  
Brighton theater During Alan's visit, we went to Brighton, specifically Alicia Witt (Hollywood screen star and great fan of fish and chips) in a play called The Shape of Things at the Theatre Royal. Dramatically, the lighting desk at the theatre broke, and our opening night performance was cancelled, but as a wonderful consolation prize, we got to go out for drinks with the star and her friend, British actor and über-hunk Samuel West (Howard's End, Van Helsing, and my dreams). I'm such a star freak (think Kathy Bates in Misery), that I was enthralled to spend the evening among such stellar company and a good time was had by all. Alicia
Alicia Witt
Sam West group Sam
Sam West

The next day, we visited Brighton's garish Pavillion, and the Pier before heading back home.
Alan meal
Alan about to dig in at the fabulous Terre a Terre vegetarian restaurant
Brighton group
Alan, me, and Amy in front of the Pavillion
The Pavillion
Cute dad
A rough dad, seen at a Brighton tapas bar
Aerobics guy While walking around the town, we ran into a group of children's counsellors who were running some kind of sports activity day throughout the town centre. Of course, I snapped a couple of shots of the aerobics counsellor. Aerobics guy 2
A cute bear seen in a Brighton shop
Later that week, we spent a lovely afternoon in Windsor, where we strolled among the cobbled lanes and visited the impressive Castle, where we marvelled at the restoration that has taken place since the fire of 1993. We also posed next to a poker faced guard and stalked various cute men around the premises.
G Windsor
Outside Windsor Castle
Gargoyles always intrigue me
With the guard
Alan glass
Alan found a magnifying glass in Eton
One of the visitors to the Castle
Cute guy
This man works in Windsor's HaHa!
Alan Kite
On Alan's last full day, we went kite flying.
N & Alan
Feeling the wind
N & Alan 2
Alan and Nick discussing string
Kite guy
A fellow kite enthusiast


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